Energy Management

Effective and Economical

Energy management reduces your energy costs through both commercial and technical means.

Commercial energy management involves identifying the best supplier and negotiating an optimum agreement.

Technical energy management starts with a thorough, complex analysis of the status quo. Energy savings potential is identified and utilized – from sanitary, cooling, air-conditioning and heating systems to electrical installations, transport equipment and building and automation control systems. For example, deployment of modern energy-saving pumps, lighting and heat-exchange systems can lead to substantial savings.

We build a full technical and financial model for the clients to arrive at well substantiated ROI studies. Optimization of existing systems for day-to-day operations can result in further economy. Benchmarking is also part of our service portfolio.

Tap the energy-savings potential of your technical systems. We would be happy to prepare a tailor-made energy savings concept. Call us or contact us by email.

An Overview of Our Services

  • Summary of operating costs
  • Energy management systems
  • Records of consumption and optimization


Cost-Effective Concepts

By skillfully linking individual services and systems and by bundling process phases, we create the synergies which make our concepts so cost-effective.