Facility Management for Transport and Logistics

Services that work to your schedule

Providing services to transport and logistics companies requires speed, flexibility and reliability from the provider. We design and carry out individual facility management concepts that offer just these qualities and can provide all of the services you need from one source maintaining high standards of quality and a high level of cost-efficiency.

Our cleaning services deploy modern equipment, trained personnel and environmentally compatible cleaning products, no matter whether the object of our services is buses, planes, ships or your building. Our personnel are specifically trained for their task and in ensuring the speed of turn around. In cleaning of buses, for example, we work with RFID codes so that we can inform your scheduling department online as soon as the vehicle is available for use.

The services that your package contains are tailored to the processes and requirements of your company. For more information about our facility management for transport and logistics, please call us or send us an email.

Transportation Cleaning

Speed and Availability

When cleaning buses, rail carriages or planes, we understand how important flexibility and availability are: vehicles must be available for use as quickly as possible.

Public Security

Competent and Communicative

Security personnel who deal with the general public must receive very specific training.