Facility Management for Health Care

Services for the well-being of patients, visitors and staff

Hospitals strive to provide the best possible health services and to ensure that the patient experience is as comfortable as possible. Dussmann-Ajlan & Brothers LLC understands this and contributes with a wide range of facility services. Concepts take a modular form and are tailor-made to answer the specific requirements of the facility. When services are efficiently interlinked, high levels of cost-efficiency can be achieved. 

In cleaning operations, hygiene is the main focus. From the operating theater which is in constant use, to surgical sterilization and kitchen hygiene, we maintain the strictest standards. For security services, the objective is to make both patients and visitors feel safe and secure during their stay in the facility. And the focus of technical services is to the availability of technical systems.

You can benefit from the many advantages that a service concept for health care offers. We would be happy to hear from you, by phone or by email. 

Hygiene Cleaning

Individual and Reliable

Our hygiene cleaning concept ensures reliable hygiene in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Security Services

Individual Concepts

We work with our clients to create a customized security solution for their facilities.