Facade Cleaning

Specialized for Modern Architecture

In cleaning and care of facades, we deploy modern methodology. Brick, natural stone facades and stainless steel can be protected against rain, drain water and condensation: water-repellant treatment significantly reduces the absorbent qualities of materials.

The application of modern coating technologies on facades and glass surfaces can extend the life of the surfaces and facilitate a self-cleaning effect. Pure water systems enable us to clean surfaces up to twenty meters high without using additional lifting machinery. We remove graffiti through abrasion or chemical treatment or using dry ice.

Our employees are certified according to local legislation. They are trained in BICS methodology to achieve high cleaning quality standards while working at heights. As the first registered company for façade cleaning services in the UAE, we can apply experience to ensure well planned, safe operations based on the specifications of your premises.

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An overview of our services

  • Façade cleaning
  • Removal of algae, moss and mold
  • Façade treatment
  • Glass treatment
  • Graffiti removal

Sustainable Cleaning

Good for the Environment

In our cleaning operations, biodegradable products are used. Additional measures include concentrated products to reduce packaging and transport, washing and cleaning machines which use less water, detergent and energy.